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Наши изделия изготавливаются только из натурального сырья с применением ручной работы, с пятью видами вышивки и разнообразными кружевами.

Изготовим изделия с Вашей фирменной символикой (логотипом) и многое другое. Рассмотрим любые пожелания по выполнению индивидуальных заказов!



Since old times Yelets has been praised for outstanding folk crafts. The art of lace making was widely known in Russia, but Yelets lace is considered to appear in 1801. The oldest known netted towel depicting a deer, which is typical of Yelets lace, dates back to that year. The art of lace making has been improving since then. The Yelets Union of Lacemakers was founded in 1930. During the Great Patriotic War, Yelets craftswomen made warm clothes for soldiers. As the war was over, their artworks were displayed in Prague, Cairo, Brussels and at the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements. An immense contribution to the lace making development was made by the Moscow Research Institute for Arts and Crafts. It was 1972 when six lace artworks received the official quality mark for the first time ever. In 1974, Yelets Lace Arts and Crafts Association was established to be reorganized in a private company in 1991 and finally, in Yelets Lace Folk Craft Factory in 2015.


The factory's product range exceeds 3,000 highest-quality items. Contemporary craftswomen continue the traditions of Yelets lace-making distinguished by various colors, каталог fabrics (linen and silk), thin cotton, wool, metal threads and a brave fusion of decor elements.

Apart from mass items, the factory produces real masterpieces, unique in concept and design. Among its products are children's goods made of natural fabrics decorated with lace and snow white needlework. An exquisite collection of needlework items includes bedclothes and tablecloths for the decoration of home interiors, cafes, restaurants and offices.

Yelets Lace Folk Craft Factory maintains business relations with more than 1,000 companies in Russia and abroad. The factory is a regular participant of prestigious Russian and international exhibitions and trade fairs and a repeated winner of the Top 100 Russian Products and the best Russian Trade Mark awards.

We praise the beauty of lacework that reminds of a cobweb in starlight.

Wherever you go, you will not find anything like Yelets lace.

Источник: Книга «Промышленность XXI века»

Источник: http://eletskruzheva.ru/

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Каталог изделий из кружева Каталог изделий из кружева Каталог изделий из кружева Каталог изделий из кружева Каталог изделий из кружева Каталог изделий из кружева Каталог изделий из кружева